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Unfortunately for guys, there isn’t a lot you can do to increase the height you have naturally. Where women have high heels to help them add a couple of inches to their height, but high heels for men aren’t exactly common in today’s society. So, what’s a guy to do about his height if it doesn’t grow quite as quickly as his peers? Luckily, GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are here to help. If you haven’t heard about this form of footwear before, you’re not alone. Consider this your introduction to elevator shoes, along with a few benefits to wearing elevator shoes on a daily basis.

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes

What are Elevator Shoes?

First things first, what are elevator shoes anyway? Elevator shoes, to put it simply, are shoes that increase your height. These are also often referred to as lift shoes or tall shoes, and get their name from the thickened sections of the insoles under the heels that help the wearer appear taller, or elevated. The shoes have regular looking heels on the outside, making them tricky to pick out amongst regular dress, business, or walking shoes. While women wear high-heels to increase their height, men don’t have a ton of options. Elevator shoes not only allow you to “grow” several inches quickly and discreetly, making them a great accessory to anyone looking for a little more height. If this doesn’t convince you, here are a few more reasons why everyone needs a good pair of elevator shoes in their life. 

Elevator Shoes Increase Height

The main benefit to owning a pair of elevator shoes is to increase your height without appearing obvious to everyone around you. Elevator shoes have a make-up similar to women’s wedges; a thick layer of material in the heel and sole lifts you a couple inches off of the ground, giving your height an extra boost. This material is hidden by the outer panels of the shoe, which are designed to mask the fact that anything is different about the shoes you are wearing. This can be helpful in business situations, as people are often intimidated by size. Greater height gives a person a physical and social advantage that can open new doors in both a professional and personal sense. 

Elevator Shoes Improve Posture

In addition to making you look taller, elevator shoes also can improve your posture. Similarly to wearing high heels, elevator shoes work different muscles in your feet and ankles when you walk. Shoes with heels higher than the toes also can improve your balance. Developing these skills will in turn improve your posture in the long run. When you walk in these shoes, your chest is pushed forward and the lower part of your back is pushed backward, making you stand up straighter and appear even taller than the couple of inches your elevator shoes can give you. 

Elevator Shoes Encourage Eye Contact

Not only will the extra height of elevator shoes put you at the same eye level as your peers, it will also grant you the confidence to make and maintain eye contact during a conversation. Maintaining eye contact is a sign that you are a good listener; it tells the person you are talking to, that you are focused and paying close attention to what they have to say. In addition, eye contact is where you build trust with the people you are talking to. Think about a time when you had a conversation with someone who wouldn’t meet your gaze. Unsettling, right? Being able to maintain eye contact during a conversation sets everyone involved at ease. It exudes confidence, assuring your peers that you know what you’re doing. 

Elevator Shoes Come in All Different Styles

In the past, it was common that you could only find elevator shoes in dressy, professional varieties. They were made for the workplace, and so that was the only real place you could wear them without seeming out of place. Now, you can find elevator shoes in any style you could think of, making them an accessory you can use for nearly any situation. Even if you are only going out for an afternoon for the family or a night out drinking with the guys, you can bring that little extra height with you. The only thing you need to look out for is the type of activity you are planning on doing during your outing. If you are planning on running, playing sports, or climbing on a hiking trail, you might not want to wear elevator shoes that are too tall. Even though they do work to improve your balance overall, wearing shoes with too high heels can be dangerous to your ankles. 

Why You Need Elevator Shoes

Even if you are confident in your natural height, GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are a great addition to your footwear wardrobe. As we’ve mentioned before, elevator shoes can increase your height, improve your posture, encourage eye contact, and be a great accessory to nearly any outfit or situation. There is no reason why your height needs to drag you down anymore. Invest in a high quality pair of elevator shoes today!

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