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Rising Arkansas DJ and on-air personality Phillip “DJ P Smooth” Smith developed a love music at an early age. He was just 12 years old when he started taking music seriously with music and production. He slowly transitioned into DJing, following his father’s footsteps, by the end of his freshmen year at the University of Central Arkansas.

At UCA, DJ P Smooth quickly became the premiere DJ on the campus, he has Djed numerous events on and off campus, from parties to concerts, bringing out more than 1,000 people.

He has perfomed his DJ set for several artists including Big K.R.I.T., Kodak Black, Blac Youngsta, Lil Migo, Kevin Gates, and many more. He also has DJed along side DJ Esco, Future’s Tour DJ.

You can catch him as an on-air personality on “The Afternoon Social” weekdays from 2pm-6pm on 96.5 The Box in Little Rock, Ark.

Hype: Where you from and when did you first fall in love with hip hop? 

DJ P Smooth: I moved a lot growing up. I’ve lived in Fayetteville, North Carolina and LA but I spent most my years in Fort Smith, AR. I first fell in love with hip-hop when I seen the “Make Em Say Uhhh” video and Master P and Mystikal riding in one them tanks. I’ve always loved hip-hop though but that moment was special to me.

Hype: Who are your musical inspirations/influences?

DJ P Smooth: I’ve been inspired and influenced by a few people in hip-hop. Lil Wayne taught me that I could be successful at an early age, Ludacris inspired me to be myself at all times, and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s unpredictable and fun style definitely influence my style and sound as a DJ.

Hype: When did you decide that you would pursue music? 

DJ P Smooth: I wanted to pursue music at an early age, probably around 6 or 7. Once I realized my family was musical talent I knew I had to do something musically. I actually started rapping and playing around with producing my own beats around the age of 10.

Hype: Hip-hop started with the DJ. What made you decide to pursue the lane? What’s your motivation?

DJ P Smooth: My father was a DJ so I grew up watching him, but I didn’t become a DJ until I got to college. My motivation was the love I have for the hip-hop scene in Arkansas and I just wanted to help progress it any way I could.

Hype: What’s your first DJ Memory?

DJ P Smooth: My first DJ memory is from one of my first big gigs. Two of the hottest college party promoters through a foam glow party and asked me to open up for DJ One Eye. He was my mentor at the time showing me everything I needed to know. Once I told him I was opening up for him, that led to me asking how are we going to split the time up. He told me that he was going to let me DJ until I messed up. I was nervous as hell because these parties were bringing out thousands of people. I started DJing and by the time I realized it, it was thirty minutes left in the party.

Hype: What’s the Arkansas Sound? 

DJ P Smooth: Honestly I don’t feel like Arkansas has it’s on unique sound just yet. That’s not a bad thing in my eyes though. There’s a lot of talented people in the state and all of their sounds are dope!

Hype: Arkansas has been getting anticipated and overdue with the breakthrough of its first major artist Bankroll Freddie through Quality Control, do you feel like this time perfecting and how can the state gain the industry’s respect? 

DJ P Smooth: I always feel like everything happens when it’s suppose to happen. I’m happy for Bankroll. He is doing everything a person from Arkansas should want a person in his position to do. The state definitely has to support people when they have their moments like Bankroll. Even if you’re not a fan of his music or any other artist from Arkansas that may blow , we have to support them to the fullest! We have to support and respect our own before the industry will.

Hype: Who are your Top 5 favorite Arkansas artist? 

DJ P Smooth: My top five? That’s tough! In no particular order I will say Rampage Wood, Alexis Ray Parker, BJ Soule, Maxx Heavvy, and Penn Davis. It’s a lot of talented people in Arkansas, but that’s my top

Hype: How does the radio exposure play a factor in breaking local talent’s music how do you see it making an impact in the future? 

DJ P Smooth: Repetition is is key with radio. In my eyes it should be used as a reinforcement. I see a lot of artists that seem to rely too much on radio. You have to hit these folks with your music from every direction. Radio will always be around in form or another. A lot of stuff is digital now which expands that reach to outside of the city and that’ll most definitely help.

Hype: What is the biggest lesson that you’ve learned from DJing and being an on-air personality? 

DJ P Smooth: The biggest lesson I’ve learned with being a DJ and a personality is to always be yourself. I’d rather be hated for who I am than to be loved for who I’m not. And honestly the haters gone be there regardless.

Hype: What are your plans for Summer 2021?

DJ P Smooth: Summer 2021 is going to be big for me and the squad. We are bringing a R&B series event to Arkansas to give those artists a platform to shine. Outside of that, the main thing for me is focusing more on my health, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Hype: What wisdom can you share for upcoming on-air personalities from Arkansas about influencing the culture?

DJ P Smooth: Be true to yourself. Keep your ears to the streets. And always remember where you came from.

Hype: What’s next for you? 

DJ P Smooth: I have a podcast in the works with upcoming Arkansas talent Christian The Comedian and Skywalker the Manager which will bridge the gap been opening doors for me as a DJ. As for as stuff personally, I just plan to constantly elevate and continue to showcase Arkansas in a good light.

Stay connected with DJ P Smooth for upcoming announcements here.

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