“We are not the next Chainsmokers, we are the first BUDDIEZ” – The Hype Magazine

Justin Escalona and Gianni Taylor are set to make waves in the music industry as the EDM-pop duo. Their eponymous debut album, Buddiez, dropped on 17th March and it exploded like a bomb, hitting the right chord with many listeners. Here’s the story of not the next Chainsmokers but the first Buddiez. Let’s delve.

Ask Justin and Gianni why are people comparing them to Chainsmokers they say, “It’s because our music gives off The Chainsmokers’ vibe. We actually started off on a jocular note, trying to imitate The Chainsmokers. But then our music caught on and we took it seriously. Now we write, produce, and direct our own songs. The Chainsmokers are an inspiration, but our goal is no more to become like them, but create a unique identity for us.” 

Justin and Gianni have a very interesting friendship. They never thought of starting a music duo and creating albums to make money, they just wanted to do something fun. They are showing the world how something that is done joyfully reaps success. Gianni shares, ‘One day, we just thought it would be fun to create a music duo, and we named it BUDDIEZ. I would write the songs and Justin would sing them. Within seven days, our album got 200,000 plays. What we once just thought of dabbling in as a hobby, is now our full blown career. Who’d have thought?!”

Gianni has done a lot of songwriting work for big league artists and Justin is a master when it comes to creating and launching viral marketing campaigns. They thought of putting their skills together and creating music. And it turns out, a lot of people are loving their work. Justin and Gianni wanted to show the world that it doesn’t matter how impossible one’s dreams are, pursuing them and never giving up on them makes all the difference.


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