Washington D.C. Rapper Young E Class Discusses Redemption, Preserving the District, and His New Single “Ready to Die” Feat. Black Cobain


Published on March 20th, 2021 | by Malcolm “A.S.T.A.T.E” Worsham

At age 12, Young E Class started rapping because that’s what his older brother was doing. He mostly recycled raps, but with his brother’s guidance and print-outs of 2Pac’s songs in-hand, his lyrics began to develop more depth. Young E Class went visiting the studio, seasoned artists taught him how to write bars, verses, hooks, and bridges.

But unfortunately It wasn’t meant to be then, as Young E Class went on to spend 13 years in prison for a murder committed at 15 years old. It was in prison where Young E Class was taught how to write bars, verses, hooks, and bridges. Once Young E Class learned how to make cohesive songs, organize his thoughts, and push his emotions, raw talent turned into deliverable content. Being incarcerated at a young age allows Young E Class to be vulnerable in his music, with lyrics reflecting his pain, struggles, and experiences on the streets and in prison. Young E Class says he represents a different era, one where being a real individual meant something.

Released from prison on October 21st, 2016, Young E Class headed straight for the studio. Wholly focused on recording and overcome with anxiety, he didn’t eat for nearly a week. On October 31st, his aptly titled mixtape -10 Days – was released. His favorite song off 10 Days is “Carnage.” The first song Young E Class wrote when he came home, “Carnage” unleashes a lot of energy, passion, and pain. His first ‘free’ lyrics, listeners can also sense the liberation. He hated writing songs in prison because he didn’t want his music to be locked up with him.

While in prison, Young E Class formed a label – Mobish Records LLC – with his brother Dutch. He currently has three artists (two who came home with him) and he knows the more exposure and opportunity he receives, the better it will be for everyone he works with. Young E Class has been consistent with singles, projects, and mixtapes. His last project “Bag Season 2” accumulated over 100,000 streams and counting. It’s clear to say Young E Class is here to stay.

Hype: Where you from and when did you first fall in love with hip hop?

Young E Class: I’m from Washington, DC 13th street NE to be exact. And I first fell for Hip-hop as a youngin , so young I had a babysitter.

Hype: Who are your musical influences and inspirations?

Young E Class: 2pac & Lil Wayne

Hype: What was D.C like for you in the 90’s and how has it changed since then?

Young E Class: It was a cold place then. It was murder and drugs. I’m talking open hand to hand market. The drug market not as open. But it’s still murders.

Hype: Who are the Top 5 artists from D.C?

Young E Class: Me, Iamnortheast, Fat Trel, Wale, and Funk (currently in prison)

Hype: Seeing how life has changed over a year and reflecting on those days in confinement just want to find light  do you feel you have a chance and redemption, is it your time?

Young E Class: It’s been my time. I  just finally accepted it. All the s**t I survived. Free will can’t beat purpose.

Hype: What part of D.C. area are you from how have things been preserved with change over the past 3-4 years?

Young E Class: Northeast, mannn s**t fu***d up honestly.

Hype: You just released your new single “Ready to Die” feat. Black Cobain, you went through some strong times alone. It speaks character when you can maintain what do you know now that you would to tell yourself when you where you younger to stay positive?

Young E Class: Really I’d just say to myself just stay on course because everything I went through made me, me.

Hype: What are you currently working on?

Young E Class: My next album and staying consistent on dropping content every month.

Hype: Do you feel you have a lot to contribute to your music and the business that what give listeners to chance to hear your story?

Young E Class: Definitely, I know my life, my story, my music is the hope.

Hype: What’s next for you?  

Young E Class: The world. Literally. YOUNGGGGGGG BIG MOB.

Stay connected with Young E Class for upcoming project announcements and releases here.

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