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Published on June 11th, 2021 | by Jerry Doby

Success Bullying provides robust solutions to slander and helps people rise above all the accusations that may attempt to stop them or wrongly discredit them on their way to exponential growth and success.

There are innumerable success stories that we might have heard and known so far. Some were backed by destiny, and some others were created from the ground up. Often, the stories that belong to the latter category are the ones that face several challenges and hurdles on their path and still go ahead in instilling much hope, positivity and inspiration in others. Of course, it is not as easy as it may sound because one needs to persistently put in the efforts and passionately work towards achieving one’s goals. However, Tera Carissa Hodges, who is a well-known faith-based empowerment coach and entrepreneur, says that the real struggle is also when a person achieves their well-deserved success, faces criticism, slander and accusations just for being a success story, which can easily be called success bullying.

Success Bullying is a growing accountability practice and a platform, which is her brainchild that aims to help people to get over these struggles and slander and move up the ladder of success. We got in touch with the founder herself to ask her a few questions about her brand and what it really does.

What is Success Bullying all about?

Success Bullying serves as a modern-day solution and platform to modern-day issues of success bullying. People easily get bullied for the kind of success and the level of momentum they achieve on their own in their respective careers. Success Bullying call out is one of the rising accountability practices for helping high-performing and truly talented women professionals feel comfortable continuing to be successful despite other people’s false accusations made out of jealousy.

Kindly spill more deets on the same

We notice how the world has been growing and advancing on one end, and on the other end, we also, unfortunately, notice how people, out of jealousy and their own insecurities blame others for being successful, favoured or attractive. People are bullied by others who viciously take credit for their success or outright discredit their success. This is a huge mentality problem that Success Bullying addresses. The brand works towards helping women feel proud of their success especially when it was rightfully and dutifully earned through integrity, hard work, perseverance, and personal will power.

So, what, according to you, are the solutions to slander?

Praying for healing for the accusers, blocking them from social media and life, meeting new like-minded people who are equally or more successful, self-care, writing a book, teaching and encouraging others, setting new goals to focus for further growth and success are some of the best solutions. By having our clients focus on this, our brand Success Bullying has been successfully able to transform the lives of many, both client, and observer by normalizing the concept of seeing black women as capable of success. Our coaching methodologies have stood as a winner that has helped women to focus and create larger impact. It has led women to do more and be more and rise above the slander, to create more growth and success for themselves, their brand, and company.

Success Bullying is a one of a kind website that is purely dedicated to normalizing seeing women as successful and also help in empowering them by throwing light on the bullying tactics others use on them.

To know more, visit the website, https://www.successbullying.us/.

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