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Published on April 1st, 2021 | by Jerry Doby

CACTI™ Agave Spiked Seltzer is setting a new bar for the seltzer category with a record-shattering sales performance only one week after launch as distribution continues to expand. Officially available on shelves nationwide on March 15, CACTI™ had the highest rate of sale in its first week for any variety pack in Anheuser-Busch Seltzer history (IRI MULC w/e 3.21.21). Beyond the portfolio of America’s leading brewer, first week rate of sale for CACTI™ outpaced competitors including Truly Hard Seltzer Lemonade Seltzer Mix Pack (IRI MULC w/e 1.12.20), VIZZY Hard Seltzer Variety Pack (IRI MULC w/e 4.12.20), Mikes Hard Lemonade Seltzer Variety Pack (IRI MULC w/e 2.7.21) and more within their first week.

“I just want to say thank you to all the fans and supporters for going out and making the CACTI launch so successful” says Travis Scott. “The reaction to the product has the team and I motivated to go even harder as we plan out what’s next for the brand. We are just getting started.”

Following CACTI’s launch on March 15, the product had already sold out in thousands of locations across the country in just 24 hours while online inventory from retailers sold out in under 12 hours thanks to consumer demand through  That same day, Travis Scott took to the streets of Los Angeles himself in a custom CACTI Delivery Truck as he surprised fans across the city as they purchased CACTI for the first time.  As restocks continue, the excitement around CACTI and the fan support is unmatched.

The seltzer broke into the Top 5 of the seltzer category with a 3.2% share, officially overtaking market share of VIZZY Hard Seltzer, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Seltzer, Coors Seltzer and more (IRI MULC w/e 3.21.21). CACTI’s™ entry into the market propelled Anheuser-Busch’s overall share of the seltzer category from 16.3 to 19.5 for a nearly 20% increase in the category (IRI w/e 3.14.21, w/e 3.21.21).

In its first week (IRI MULC w/e 3.21.21), CACTI™ Variety Pack sales volume outpaced White Claw Hard Seltzer Variety Pack No. 2 (IRI MULC w/e 2.16.20), Coors Seltzer With A Mission Variety Pack (IRI MULC w/e 9.6.20) and Mikes Hard Lemonade Seltzer Variety Pack (IRI MULC w/e 2.7.21) in their first weeks combined as well as Truly Iced Tea Variety Pack (IRI MULC w/e 1.10.21) and VIZZY Hard Seltzer Variety Pack (IRI MULC w/e 4.12.20) in their first weeks combined.

Additionally, CACTI™ is seeing big wins at retail with a nearly 19% share at one of the biggest wine and alcohol retailers across the nation as well as a 11% share at one of the nation’s largest convenience stores. Regionally, CACTI™ has a share of over 10% in one of Texas’ biggest grocery chains. Overall, the top 5 states for CACTI’s™ share of seltzer are California (8.8%), Arizona (5.3%), Texas (5.2%), Oregon (4.2%) and Washington (4.1%) (IRI MULC w/e 3.21.21).

*According to sales volume IRI MULC w/e 3.21.21, compared to White Claw Hard Seltzer Variety Pack #2 (IRI MULC w/e 2.16.20) and Truly Hard Seltzer Lemonade Mix Pack (IRI MULC e/e 1.12.20)

**Anheuser-Busch’s overall share of the seltzer category increased from 16.3% to 19.5% (IRI w/e 3.14.21, w/e 3.21.21).

About CACTI™:

CACTI™ Agave Spiked Seltzer is brewed in Los Angeles and uses 100% premium blue agave from Mexico coupled with bold fruit flavor, making it unlike anything on the market today. CACTI™ is available nationwide in 12oz cans sold in a 9 count Variety Pack with the flavors Lime, Pineapple and Strawberry, as well as 16oz and 25oz singles sold in Lime and Pineapple. CACTI™ is made with water, cold fermented cane sugar, agave syrup, and a hint of lime juice. It does not contain tequila.

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