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Toronto artist Da Crook is back with a vengeance on new single, Do You Dirty. The West-end rapper, noted as one of his city’s most lyrical, finds release in melody and the momentum of production from Jay On The Juice and Charlie B on his latest offering. Accompanied visuals, directed by 88everything, only further the narrative that Crook is not one to play with.

“I wanted to show a little versatility. Everybody knows I’m a lyricist. But I wanted to show them I’m more than that. I wanted to show them that, maybe other rappers are in trouble,” Crook says.

Real stories are timeless & real emotion links us. Da Crook delivers his energy-fused music with those two universal truths in mind. The prominent Canadian artist has risen through the ranks of the country’s new generation of talented rappers on the come-up, solidifying his spot as a top lyricist, through vivid releases and celebrated street anthems like True Story, I Might Just and Dial Tone. “Anyone can relate to me as long as I paint the picture properly. Everybody has different sides to them. I learned that from my inspirations (like DMX, 50 Cent & Tupac) – listening to music from back in the day that had substance,” he said.

Through his vivid storytelling and dynamic delivery, Da Crook has secured himself a solid fanbase of eager rap fans anticipating his new era of releases: a reinvention as a more personal, versatile and evolved artist, yet with the same unshakable energy that makes him one to watch.

Quote from Da Crook:

“Just remember, it’s about growth and progression. Don’t ever get too caught up in the social media stuff and don’t get too caught up in what you see. Enjoy the music, enjoy the videos and enjoy the culture, but don’t let it consume you. Just enjoy it. Music is emotion. Half of these rappers are not who they say they are. Don’t be tricked by the mirage of this street life. Listen to it, support it, it’s a part of us. But I wouldn’t want my fans to feel like they need to be a certain type of way to listen to my music. My music can be for everybody. I want them to grow with me. I want them to be open-minded and not be afraid to let go of certain mind-states.”

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