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Published on April 19th, 2021 | by Guest Author

Greg Harley, also known as Tic Gunna, is a name to remember as he is an up-and-coming rapper. Based in Miami, Tic Gunna has recently released his album Santero through his own independent label 848, a number sequence that he considers blessed. The album offers an authentic narration of his life story; it chronicles his struggles and dissects the role faith and spirituality have served in his life.

Originally from East Harlem, New York, Tic Gunna was always interested in music throughout his youth. After noticing other rappers release songs in which they would talk about struggles he had gone through, Tic Gunna was inspired to sincerely release his own music because he knew he could do it more genuinely. At the age of 19, he was able to afford to invest in studio time. However, his life in New York was far from simple, as he lived day-to-day and found himself in and out of jail due to drug-related offenses. Nevertheless, Tic Gunna still found the time to make music and upload it onto Soundcloud. 

His most recent album, Santero, also touches upon what it’s like being a member of the Santería religion, a polytheistic belief system that originated from a group of Afro Cubans. The religion is a combination of the Yoruba faith of West Africa, Roman Catholicism, and Spiritism. The album name, Santero, means priest of the religion, and the first song of the album, which goes by the same name, is a track that Tic Gunna hopes other members will listen to and relate to.

Tic Gunna admits how he found himself in a place where terrible things were reoccurring in his life. A friend introduced Santería to him, and he quickly became interested. He converted to the religion with an initiation ceremony that lasted a week. He was crowned as the son of Obatala (“the King of White Cloth”), the deity of truth and justice, and Oya (“the Guardian of the Cemetery”), the deity of wind, lightning, and death. After the ceremony, the rapper had to follow certain customs, such as sitting on a throne for seven days and wearing all white for a year to symbolize his rebirth.    

Besides being a rapper, Tic Gunna also recently launched a side cannabis line called Big Dope Exotics. He hopes to do bigger things with his rap career and his side business on a legal yet extraordinary level. 

Keep up with him on his Instagram and have a listen to his music on Apple Music or Spotify.

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