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Daisy Romero, the founder of El Cholo’s Kid, launched her brand in 2008 as a curated shop where she sold the amazing artisan items she discovered from her travels. She recalls how one of her favorite parts about traveling was visiting markets to see what the local artisans were creating. In Southern Mexico specifically, creating bags from plastic was, and still is, a popular form of art. The name El Cholo’s Kid was also inspired by her travels as a child. When visiting her dad’s neighborhood in Mexico, she was often introduced as “El Cholo’s Kid.”

To Romero, her brand represents a way to show that she’s still connected with her culture. She gets her inspiration from her environment and likes to incorporate bright colors to create designs that can serve as everyday statement pieces. Additionally, the bags are made from shredded plastic materials in Mexico. The plastic material is then handwoven by artisan weavers. Romero also likes to stay consistent with her eco-friendly vision by using recyclable packaging and zero waste labels, making her bags the perfect essential piece for any fashionista looking to lessen their carbon footprint.

Being a one-person operation at the moment, Romero admits how wearing so many hats at once has been a learning experience. Not only is she the founder, but she is also the CEO, CFO, and warehouse manager. Through her many roles, she has realized that “not every customer is your customer.” Many people may not understand how small businesses can not offer comparable instant gratification services as mass retailers do, such as Amazon. Owning a small business requires people to be versatile, but Romero realizes how important it is to not take things personally, especially when it comes to overbearing customers. Ultimately, what matters is what motivates her, which is the love of creating something that is her own and having the independence of running her own business.

Having started her brand 13 years ago, Romero has noticed how popular the zero waste trend has become, especially amongst members of Gen Z, who are more aware of the cost of fast fashion. She sees a potentially growing market for the trend, which perfectly aligns with her plans for the future of El Cholo’s Kid. Romero not only hopes to grow the company, but she is also expanding into hand-printed textiles to create bandanas and scarves. At the moment, check out her bestsellers, the MINI bag that is perfect for the summer.

Visit the El Cholo’s Kid website to see more designs, and follow the Instagram (@elcholoskid) to stay updated on upcoming releases.

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