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Until the 1990s, at-home video games were somewhat of a niche pursuit. Though popular with certain groups, they were often considered impenetrable to outsiders, creating a divide between those interested and those who stayed well clear. Over the decades, as the younger generation replaced the old, this level of avoidance is much rarer, with gamers now being the rule rather than the exception. Today, around 65% of American adults play video games, and this demographic is only on the rise.

Of course, with video games designed primarily as entertainment, we tend to undervalue the benefits they can bring. Look beneath the surface, however, can reveal some underrepresented truths about what gaming has become, and the advantages that it can offer to its players.

Teaching Valuable Skills

Though we can’t claim that video games are ever going to replace a real education, they can act as ways to practice and develop certain life skills. Chief among these are communication skills. Playing video games, whether casually or in more competitive situations, necessitates the ability to both understand and relay information in a concise manner. This doesn’t just make us better players; it can even have an appreciable trickle-down effect on our regular lives. Wrangling gamers can be a lot like herding cats, so skills here can often be extrapolated from into more professional environments.

Play Anywhere

In the first generations of video gaming, playing when out and about was a practical non-starter. Unless players could find an arcade, they were out of luck, but that same limitation doesn’t exist today. Instead, the rise of mobile gaming and the success of handheld systems like the Switch have made access simple, even for multiplayer titles.

This same development applies outside of video games as well, to related interactive entertainment industries like online casinos. In these casinos, games like Buzz Bingo are easily accessible for huge numbers of players anywhere with a mobile internet connection. This is not only helped by additional features like bingo promotions but can also contribute to our next point. These promotions act as a way to bring and welcome new players into their community.

Building a Community

More than just entertainment, video games can also serve as a way to bring different people together. Whether through friendly competition driving players to improve, or cooperation letting players share in victories and defeats, the result is often the forging of new friendships and relationships.

One of the best examples of this in the modern age could be found in fighting game communities, which are some of the most open and accepting around. Welcoming to players no matter race, creed, sexuality, or anything else, this world is one where barriers are continually being challenged in the name of sharing something great.

Determination” (CC BY 2.0) by Nelo Hotsuma

With gaming cheaper to get into and easier to access than ever before, gamers are spoiled for choice. Now acting as an inseparable part of the cultural zeitgeist, gaming is a part of us that many people hold dear. From what started as curious experiments, this billion-dollar industry has done great things for millions of people, and it’s only going to get better.


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