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Suso FW is the singer and composer of the hit song “Lonesome.” The song became a massive hit last year and shot Suso FW to fame. But how did a youngster become a musical sensation? Well, Suso FW talks about his experience in mixing music and how Drake served as an inspiration behind his first hit song.

Audio mixing lesson

When a teenager delivers one of the hit songs of the year, you may assume that he got formal training in music from a young age. But Suso FW is from a different breed altogether. He self-taught himself the nuances of audio mixing before he turned 12. The “Lonesome” singer enjoyed the process of blending recorded tracks. It became his hobby to mix Drake’s tracks to see whether he could make them sound different. Sometimes he would come up with new tunes on his digital audio workstation and record them to use later in his songs. 

Many interviewers often ask Suso FW about his music composition process, to which he says, “I use a combination of templates in my mixer, such as organ, four empty audio tracks for recording, pre-routed headphone mix, drums, guitar, bass, delay return, reverb return, and chorus return. Many people would say that this is a typical band mix template, but I think it suits my music the most. I follow Drake closely. And I feel that he uses a similar setup. I’m not trying to copy him, but yes, his work influenced me the most.”

Suso FW’s musical career so far.

Suso FW started making music from 12. He had access to the internet from a young age. This helped him learn about audio mixing techniques. He also heard the latest songs from Drake’s albums. But making music at 12 years old wasn’t a successful endeavor for Suso FW. He faced tons of rejections. Some said that he was too young for the music industry, while others rejected his music right away. But that didn’t stop Suso FW from creating music. He was relentless with his effort. In an interview, he said, “My parents were my biggest strength when I faced rejections. Sure, you will face rejections, but I wasn’t prepared for it at that age. For me, it was like asking for something and not getting it right away. It was childish of me, I know.”

According to the superstar musician, rejections are indications that you need to work harder. No one should feel that they lack capabilities because of a few rejections. You need to be patient and keep working hard until you get an opportunity. 

Mahdi Adem, or Suso FW, is an example for many young musicians who want to achieve success like him. He always encourages new musicians to keep making music. The tracks may sound similar to other songs, but that shouldn’t stop musicians from making new tunes. He often advises youngsters to pay attention to audio mixing and mastering vocals. Suso FW believes that the more you learn about mixing, the more you can fine-tune your tracks. The more you fine-tune your tracks, the more chances you create for producers to invest in your songs.

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