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Off the heels of a star-studded performance at iMillenials 3, alongside DaBaby and Coi Leray, Sir Trilli releases his second music video “Money Hit Different.”  As hip-hop becomes more in tune with financial literacy, investing and the mainstream rise of cryptocurrency, Sir Trilli is bringing that positive messaging through this single and video.  We are often shackled down by outside pressures like debt, burdening family issues, and more.  But the messaging that Sir Trilli invokes to the listeners of his music is that of freeing yourself by being smart with your money, and making your money work for you

Performance of “Money Hit Different” in Miami:

Co-founding a team of traders of over 90k+ worldwide with TradeHouse, Sir Trilli’s aim is to continue furthering that messaging of financial independence.  He left corporate America three years ago after being an engineer at Boeing, and after he discovered the power of cryptocurrency he hasn’t looked back.  We’re seeing more and more individuals becoming multi-millionaires overnight with minimal investments into some of these crypto tokens, and we’re seeing a transfer of wealth happening that has yet to be witnessed prior.  Previously we’ve seen these Wall Street titans reaping the rewards of the financial markets and this caused a disproportionate wealth gap in America.  But with the rise of trading apps, more knowledge of offline wallets, and more information to change your circumstances are now at everyone’s fingertips.

Sir Trilli states, If you ain’t trading you’re tripping.  It’s 2021 there’s no reason why no one should not have all this info to become financially free.  We spend all this time scrolling through IG feeds, spend half that time just educating ourselves.

Outside of spreading financial knowledge, Sir Trilli has also been busy setting up a scholarship for HBCU’s in partnership with Scholly through his Back at Zero Foundation.  He will be giving away $50,000 in annual scholarships to HBCU students in STEM programs.  With an engineering degree from Prairie View University in Texas, Sir Trilli is an HBCU alumnus.  He witnessed a significant lack of equity and access in STEM education, with major barriers to entry for Black students.

In a recent interview with FORBES Branden told Christopher Gray, Having graduated from an HBCU, I remember the financial struggles I had to endure to attain my education, and now that I’m in the position to help others financially, I wanted to offer an opportunity to help others that may be struggling to stay in school. I would like to inspire young people to believe in their natural gifts & talents so that they may achieve their dreams.

Sir Trilli will not be slowing down anytime soon, as he’s on a mission.  There will be multiple EP’s on the horizon and expect a lot of surprises in store for those.  Making music for less than a year now, Sir Trilli has already started to get a lot of major co-signs; these include being a Fresh Face Artist on BET, an Untapped artist on REVOLT, and more!


IG – @TrillionaireThomp

Twitter – @SirTrilli


Featured Image Courtesy of Back At Zero

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