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Meet the CEO and face behind the media conglomerate, Notorious –  Peter Vincer. Peter can be credited for establishing one of the most credible media companies in the industry. His charming personality, incredible networking skills, and outstanding wits have landed Peter some of the most well-respected positions in the entertainment world. From the start of his career, Peter has been client-facing and has since taken his skill set to his newest venture – establishing Notorious.

Notorious is a global content studio “house,” and network that empowers bold voices everywhere by providing industry-leading production, marketing, and monetization capabilities. Although Peter focuses on creating prime content, he also focuses on creating an open and transparent business environment for all members of the Notorious community; whether that be employees or partners. He prides himself in his inclusivity and in his dying dedication to create safe spaces for his employees. He always communicates to his employees that they have unlimited access to him, to bring up whatever concerns they may have, or to share any constructive feedback. Peter believes that the backbone of being a successful CEO, especially in such a fluid industry, is transparency and trust.

At his core, Vincer is a hard worker who is extremely dedicated to his craft. He adapts to situations as quickly as they come. With those qualities, he has become a leader in the world of media for over 10 years. Throughout his career, not only has he established a name for himself but has created a distinguished company that leads content creation and media production for some of the biggest names in Hollywood. He sees his position as CEO as an opportunity to give other people chances to prove themselves, something that other people in the industry don’t do. As the backbone of Notorious, Peter celebrates not only the wins of Notorious, but he also celebrates his employees’ individual success. He has big aspirations for Notorious but recognizes that the company can only grow if the brains behind the brand are growing, too. Through his actions and efforts, Peter sets the standard high for other CEOs. While the corporate world is taking a turn for a more “laid-back, covid-esque” work environment, it is important to take notes from already established CEOs who have survived and thrived in pandemic workspaces.

Notorious is just at the beginning of its career. Already working with A-list influential names, Notorious will only continue to take over the content creation realm and push its boundaries.

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