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Published on April 9th, 2021 | by Jerry Doby

It’s been an important 10 days as the Derek Chauvin trial has progressed through a lineup of eyewitnesses and subject matter experts from current and retired police officers to forensic medical professionals who had a part in putting together reports on the homicide of George Floyd. I won’t venture a guess on what the jury must think after seeing and hearing all the damning evidence from the prosecution side though I’ve been impressed with the strategy of the prosecutors thus far. Most likely we’ll get started on the defense’s presentation sometime next week. One can only hope the jury sees through the smoke and mirrors and believes their eyes on this one.

But beyond what the public is thinking and feeling, it’s more important what the family is going through as they relive the tragedy on a daily basis via the videos and pictures entered into evidence in court and of course the continuous media coverage and analysis.

This week, The Shade Room sat down with George Floyd’s Sister, Bridgett Floyd, for an exclusive wide-ranging interview mid-trial to share her feelings about the misconceptions coming out of the courtroom proceedings, the importance of jury duty, the Gorge Floyd Policing Act, and more.

We are sharing the full interview courtesy of our friends at The Shade Room

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