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Meet the entrepreneurs behind Dezo, the world’s first superfruit cocktail. Founded by Marc Kessler, Tim Demirjian, and Tomas Crowe, Dezo is the hottest new seltzer on the market. The idea to create a low-calorie gluten-free cocktail line rich in electrolytes and antioxidants came to life when Marc, Tim, and Tomas realized that there was a serious need for healthier drinking options. Since officially launching in Southern California less than a year ago, Dezo has taken the alcoholic beverage industry by storm, securing partnerships with nationally ranked resort Indian Wells, flying off the shelves at hundreds of Ralphs supermarkets, and has even become a favorite drink for professional athletes. When the trio set out to revolutionize the drinking experience, not even they realized that Dezo would become so popular, so fast.

Dezo’s journey started when childhood friends Marc and Tim moved out of Boston for college. Marc attended the University of Richmond and Tim met Tomas at Tulane University. While studying business management thousands of miles apart, the young professionals faced the same problem – hangovers that made them choose between having a fun night out or productive weekends. Dezo was the hopeful solution and came to life in April of 2019. Marc’s family owns the oldest tavern in America and the team used his experience to research and taste-test ingredient combinations in the kitchen, creating a healthy cocktail mix that uses all-natural ingredients.

Other spiked seltzers on the market are either categorized and crafted with beer or made using vodka soda with small amounts of concentrated fruit juice. As stated by the founders, “Dezo takes the real fruit water and carbonates it so that the electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants are never lost. The ingredients are all-natural, no preservatives, and no added sugars. We take no shortcuts in producing the cleanest canned cocktail on the market.” Dezo uses fruit water from different fruits as the base for its cocktails instead of artificial flavoring. Each flavor mix adds unique health benefits to the already antioxidant and electrolyte-rich formula. The Coconut Water and Watermelon Water seltzers include Vitamin A and Vitamin C, while the Cactus Water flavor includes Vitamin A and “prickly pear that contains 24 of the known betalains, nutrients that strengthen your cells to protect against toxins and harmful bacteria,” says the Dezo team.

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In 2019, Dezo was just an idea. Still, Dezo attracted so much attention from industry giants and investors that the Dezo team raised six figures and moved forward with production and distribution partnerships. Production for Dezo was delayed because of COVID-19 and, in July 2020, Dezo finally launched in Southern California. The successful launch at the peak social distancing and stay-at-home orders, proved that there is a high demand for Dezo with real potential expansion in the liquor market. Since launching less than a year ago, Dezo has secured partnerships throughout the entertainment world. Once COVID-19 restrictions lift and businesses begin to safely open, Dezo will be served in many Los Angeles night-life venues and throughout the United States.

When asked about their future plans, the Dezo founders say that they “have plans to expand beyond the seltzer market”. They hope to develop a variety of different cocktail mixes that give their consumers even more options for them to have fun and be social without sacrificing productivity. Consumers might expect to see Dezo in many more locations, across multiple states within the US shortly. The Dezo team says, “Stay tuned”.

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