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Quint Foxx, infamous for holding to the title “King of Dallas”, the Highland Hills native which is a neighborhood in Dallas, Tx, was born a survivor. Foxx was raised by his grandparents, and his Grandfather’s job at Brook Mays allowed him to teach himself how to play the drums, brass instruments, guitars, and other various instruments. With a passion and an ear for music, Foxx started his rhyming around 8 years old.

A story that would seem to fit a narrative of most black youth Foxx at first succumbed to the pressures of his environment, and after a string of unfortunate events Foxx was shot 8 times at close range. Foxx lost a lung, and was hit in his arms, legs, chest, and back but he survived. After a few surgeries Foxx walked out of the hospital under his on free will. However, that string of events landed him a stint in prison.

In 2016 Foxx was free of legal trouble and came out and got right back to the music. After co-creating Play Runnaz Association. Foxx’s career began to pay dividends with a new found approach to making music. Authentic music fueled by the survivors will to make it to the top; Foxx’s cadence and unique sound has him still making moves in music and branching in to multiple revenue streams.

Foxx is signed to HaveAReason Management because he feels that the label is suited for his best interest. He feels that not only is he in control of his music career they fully support and back all of his strategies. Foxx’s music is self explanatory and it’s an epic success story in the making because in reality he’s just getting started. He’s come too far to turn back now.

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