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The art of self-articulation is an approach to establish a distinguished identity. It requires managing one’s excited states by passing on the message through a chosen medium. Music is one such medium that neither limits nor restricts. It is a form of expression which allows individuals to communicate their thoughts and feelings through various genres such as Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz, and many others.

There are examples of famous music artists like Taylor Swift, Eminem, Jay-Z, and so forth, who have beautifully narrated their story through music. It has encouraged them to communicate through this soulful medium while boosting the listeners’ confidence to express themselves. Jordan Spalding, known by his stage name “Magic Trikk,” is a rising musical artist who has effectively established himself as a self-expressive person. 

Being as youthful as a 17-year-old, Jordan Spalding accepts that people should open up to the world in a manner they find most comforting. One must never let the thoughts accumulate in their head as it can damage their personality. This thought led Jordan towards music, rap music to be specific, to share his story with the world. 

Jordan’s family is a major contributor to the music business. He was born in Bowie, Maryland. His father, John Spalding, is the CEO of “Nulook Records,” and his mom is an elementary school teacher. Out of the four children, Jordan was the one who began creating his melodies by the age of 14. He wrote his songs inspired by the rappers who recorded their music in his father’s music studio. 

Expressing Himself Through His First EP, “Laugh At Me Now”

Laugh at Me Now is Magic Trikk’s first EP, comprising eight tracks. As indicated by this young rapper, there were times when he felt left out in a horde of individuals. Being an African-American, he was frequently judged based on his identity. He referenced the occasions when individuals perceived him as nothing more than the child of a CEO of a music record label.

Magic Trikk took these assertions and combined this with his determination to arise as a rap artist. His unsurpassed motivation was his father. Besides his father, Jordan admired Polo Frost, an artist usually known as a trendsetter of the best challenge. Jordan’s persistent effort permitted him to include his role model in Heartbreaker ft. Polo Frost, one of the eight tracks of his EP. The rest of the seven tracks mirrored his journey of going through heartbreaks to arrive at a point where he stands today. Jordan thinks there is no medium as powerful as music to share a life story with the world’s population. 

Through his meaningful music, Magic Trikk depicts a solid picture of himself that motivate all other strugglers experiencing the harshness of the world every day. Jordan refers that each individual has sentiments and feelings. Every person in this world deserves to speak up their minds and let their troubles out. Not only does it help them but also encourages those afraid to come out of their cocoons. 

As rap music is popular among the youth worldwide, Jordan chose this genre to reach the masses. He specifies how he went on tours with some of the best rappers. Jordan’s concept of self-articulation and self-confidence is altogether different from others. He specifies how he struggled during high school. While spending a significant part of his youth with rappers, he figured out how to tell the world what he feels. Not to neglect, Jordan’s excursion is not as simple as it might appear. Regardless of being the child of Nulook Records’ CEO, he generally saw life from an alternate perspective. Jordan intended to compose tunes and use instruments to add musicality and carry life to his composed music. 

“Bipolar Emotions” – The Debut Album Expressing Multiple Stages of  Life

While pouring down his thoughts as melodies, Jordan, at the same time, worked to shape his verses. While chipping away at his first EP, Magic Trikk was at that point thinking about his debut album named “Bipolar Emotions.” The following titles from Laugh At Me Now to Bipolar Emotions reflected Jordan’s strength. With his ability to turn his emotions into powerful tunes and lyrics, Jordan has effectively acquired distinction. His collection Bipolar Emotions contributes 12 tracks and has amassed more than 200,000 views. Defining the focus for future objectives, Magic Trikk expects to persuade the world through his tunes. 

Self-Articulation Helps Develop A Confident Personality

Self-articulation can change the existence of numerous individuals. One may not realize how people can draw inspiration from someone else’s story. Not every person has the courage to come up and talk about their life.

Stories are impactful when conveyed using internal voice and strength. Music is a type of artistry that needs no clarification. Magic Trikk conveys how he needed to battle while being brought up in a pleasant climate. According to him, music is viewed as a dedicated friend when nobody is nearby. Today, Jordan, as Magic Trikk, serves as the CEO of Nulook Records and plans to deliver quality self-expressive music knowing no limits.


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