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“I had to lose my sight to gain my vision” declares Blind City The Podcast creator and host Langford Cunningham. This rising community activist according to his website, is on a mission to stimulate the heart of the nation by offering hope in a world filled with turmoil. Pumping truth and life into the veins of troubled young men and women throughout the world and giving the cause and effect of violence that clogs the arteries of this nation. By offering practical applications to shock the heart of the nation back into action, we help people see their vision and reach their goals and promote being positive through the pain.

Blind City The Podcast hosted by Cunningham and his cohort Dr. Porter, tackles hot button topics like sex trafficking, domestic violence, financial literacy, and justice reform among the laundry list of issues affecting our nation and Cunningham’s non-profit Redemption Academy allows them to take their message into communities nationwide and offer understanding and solutions, especially for the travails of the youth.

Speaking with or hearing Mr. Cunningham is an experience I recommend to everyone who has an awakened sense of the various struggles faced by our youth and young adults trying to navigate the maze that is life in the 21st century. His experiences as a street hustler and life skills program director for juvenile detention, and drug rehab counselor in prison are invaluable, lending themselves to effectively forwarding Blind City The Podcast’s message of healing and reconstitution.

Where did Blind City The Podcast come from?! Well, after he lost his eyesight to glaucoma, Langford Cunningham received a vision from God for Blind City. After more than 30 surgeries and falling into a deep depression, Langford had to lose his sight to find his vision. Through his experience, Langford has a growing passion to help those in desperate situations find hope, hope in the Lord, and hope for a brighter future through a new vision.

Some of his accomplishments include:

  • Educated: Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Drug Rehabilitation Counselor at State Prison
  • Created Projects for Juvenile Detention
  • Created Lesson Plans for Juvenile Delinquents as a Deputy Juvenile Officer

I got the opportunity to speak with Langform Cunningham and throughout the conversation his passion for bringing useful information and solutions-based messages was inspirational, and his life experiences were shocking especially his story about failing three suicide attempts in one day as he was overwhelmed with the knowledge that he’s suddenly lost his sight permanently and his whole life is turned upside down. THAT story is one you must listen to in order to get the full effect…Tune in to the full conversation below!

On a final note, we are happy to announce that The Hype Magazine will be adding Blind City The Podcast to The Hype TV lineup! Blind City The Podcast will air on Saturday nights at 9:00 PM CST. You can watch the via HTTP://, Universe Network TV channel 72, or on ROKU (channel search The Hype Magazine Network).

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