KingQueen – Live It Up

KingQueen – a Los Angeles based pop rock band recently released a new music video for their latest single “Live It Up”. The song gives you a mix of 70s rock – funk vibes. The guitar parts put you in a great mood right off the bat and the bass line gets you moving. The lyrics and melodies gives you that feeling that tonight’s going to be a great time. The song is what’s needed right now.

The music video starts off with lead singer Ina sleeping in her bed. And we are taken on a journey entering her dreams which is the animated part of the music video created by Naemi Jaworowski. We see Ina tossing and turning as the dreaming continues with a poster saying KingQueen’s world tour has been cancelled due to Covid. As we continue watching the video we see her receiving glitter power after a meteor crashes into earth, which she’s using to start fighting the virus. She then continues on to spread the glitter to her band mates and the rest of the world. We see everyone come together fighting the beast. And you will just have to watch the music video to see the rest. It’s very original. It’s fun. It’s fresh. It’s KingQueen.

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