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Wendo Mbilizi, a.k.a. Wendo Musaly was born in Democratic Republic of the Congo on November 21, 1996. His family had to move to Tanzania when he was two months old. Wendo graduated from Winooski High School in 2020. It was all when his family moved from Tanzania to the USA, he started his music journey at the age of 11 with a group of small friends. He had to practice with little resources such as piano and drums. He wanted to improve his singing and songwriting skills but that was too early for him to start his musical journey. He decided to never give up and then the journey took him to become a songwriter, actor, singer, and an accomplished musician.

After moving to the United States he decided to create a record label because he had friends around him who struggled to even record a song. He took the opportunity to support them and himself. He aims to establish a Los Angeles Online Music Production course to improve his recording ability and help others to get better at music. The label is called “WMM Record’.’ Wendo’s friend Mr. Oli introduced him to the music producers. It took him two years figuring how he to continue recording his music. He wrote the song “Pourquoi?” in 2016 but because he was new in the US and was struggling to settle down in the new country. He had to struggle to find the recorders until Mr. Oli came and took him to his DJ. Since he could relate to the displaced people he sang a song that concerns people who left their original homes and relocated to different places. The song is called “Tú’úndané featuring Lumiere Mbilizi”.

Wendo Musaly’s music is, of course, addresses all levels of performance and expression. Exemplary technical refinement, perfect intonation, beauty of timbre, cleverly calculated dynamic levels, everything is done to achieve a hedonism of sound which is at the same time the vector of a deep expression of the world, of existence, conceived as tragic or symbolic. He is a songwriter too and his symphonic lyrics of constitute the essential material in which to exercise this genius of the sonority which will fascinate millions of music lovers around the world. But what is interesting is to observe the evolution of sound and style because he is passionate about perfection and passionate about technology. He created his EP of five tracks on January 30, 2020. The EP contained the accompanying tracks Pourquoi, Give Me That Eh, highlighting Mr. Oli and Q-Boi, Tu’undane, including Lumiere Mbilizi, Kiboko WE, and Je T’aime. Musaly.

Wendo recorded a lot but he also re-recorded the works he loved a lot. He released his Tranquility II with songs including Got My Heart on You, Are You Into Me? Love the Way You Do Me (feat. Mr. Oli), It’s Alright 2b My No.1, Je Refuse (feat. Swaga Milionea) and Happy Birthday 2u. He re-recorded for two reasons: the first is that, fascinated by new technologies, he wanted to explore everything about the techniques that he can reuse. He has an evident variation in tempo, intensity, phrasing which refines his style, lightens it, modernizes it, by accelerating the tempo to go to the edge of the sound. In doing so, he sheds light on the symphony from within, in particular by humanizing the famous allegretto, impelling a fiery tension there because it is totally free of pathos and this tension becomes a trait linking the flesh of sound to the soul leaving everyone inspired. He describes his music as an inspiration. He mostly sings for love because he thinks love is the only thing that unites this universe and brings a connection within people residing in this world. Because no matter what kind of love it is, when it breaks up it leaves a scar in lives of those who miss it with every beat. Wendo believes that one day his music will be popular all over the world because he sings in different languages like English, French, and Swahili.

 He had bumpy rides to follow but he never gave up. Wendo shares a story of struggles accompanied by racial differences but he kept going due to his spirit and motivation coming from friends and family. His talent and hard work have led him to make a difference through his music worldwide.


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