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Hannah Brooke is a rocking artist, model, and dancer. She started her career singing on reality TV shows such as X-Factor at the age of 14. That was remarkably a young age when this champion began building her musical foundation. It is commendable how she has been rising step by step until recently, she is a star in the music industry.

Hannah Brooke’s musical journey has not been a walk in the park. It has taken sacrifice and hard work for her to make waves in the industry. According to this musician, swaying higher and higher in the music industry takes vital necessities; creativity, courage, availability, optimism, and vision. With these five pillars taken to account, any musician can disrupt the music industry.


Creativity is an essential ingredient required for any musician to rock in the music industry. Hannah Brooke is highly creative. She creates music that follows the genre she listens to most of the time. This musician also loves applying to any talent that she has to express her stories and emotions through music. Therefore, that must be a deep sense of creativeness guiding her to bring forth the best results.


Courage is having total confidence in anything you do. Hannah Brooke does everything courageously in the music industry, and this has helped her a great deal in rocking and creating a change in the industry. It is incredible how courageous she was at 14 years of age to start her career singing on TV shows comfortably. It must have taken courage because TV shows have a vast audience.


No musician can rock in the music industry without availing themselves to the audience; either physically or virtually. Hannah can be found on Instagram for anyone wishing to connect with her. Notably, this musician’s first single, ‘Pull up,’ is expected to be available on Spotify and Apple Music immediately after it gets released. Therefore, with Hannah, availability is a crucial factor any musician wishing to make it in the music industry must consider.


Hannah Brooke is an optimistic person. She is always positive such that she does not find any struggle in her musical journey. Usually, everyone goes through challenges to reach where they wish to be and achieve their goals. With this musician, she does not struggle. Instead, she does what she can and what cannot be done with her that is not for her. This musician is an image of optimistic personnel since her flaws are underneath, and she does not consider them as struggles at any point.


Being visionary is another ingredient required in the music industry. This art has continually been the secret behind Hannah Brooke’s rise in the industry. She has new projects upcoming that is; the single ‘Pull Up’ hit.. This release dictates her focused journey of bringing a new breath in the music industry. Therefore, one can learn the vital role of vision in being a champion.

In conclusion, here is what it takes to rock in the music industry with Hannah Brooke; creativity, courage, availability, optimism, and vision. So upcoming musicians who wish to step foot in the music industry can embrace these five secrets and see a positive change in their musical journey.

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