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Ali Grey, or GRY, is a multi-genre music producer and DJ. He is the new artist attracting a lot of attention with his exciting music. The newest artist from Dharma has already cemented his place in the music industry with his single debut track, “Now or Never”. The summer vibe of the track is loved by EDM fans around the world. The track features veteran producer Thomas Gold and singer Nevve. Released on 23rd April 2021, the song has taken the EDM world by storm and has been appreciated by a lot of EDM lovers. The beautiful lyrics and the irresistible beats have made the track garner a lot of attention.

GRY describes the song as going on a thrilling spontaneous trip and making the most of the moments. He considered the project an experiment with the future house (a fusion of deep house and garage) and gave it a unique twist with exotic flute and slap house sounds. “Now or Never” is a wonderful production with enticing musical instruments and an energetic bass. The track is a true definition of a neutral experimental work with the quality that only an experienced production can achieve. It’s something that everyone strives to achieve but has rarely been possible.

According to an EDM reviewer, it’s the first time in five years that Thomas Gold production has left them satisfied. It’s a thrilling and captivating project that leaves listeners extremely curious about GRY. He is a new name that has come up recently in the music industry.

However, Ali Grey is not entirely new to the music industry. Since his teenage years, he has been in the game. He started organizing abandoned warehouse parties at the age of 16 and it’s from this experience he fell in love with music. His early childhood was also filled with music. Ali grew up in Turkey, spending part of his childhood with violin, bass, and drums. The rave scene in London also played a significant role in shaping his musical journey. He would listen to garage music, UK House, jungle, footwork, and old dubstep. These musical roots greatly influence GRY’s current music interest. However, he prefers to be open to new music influencing him and his future work.

DJing gave Ali new insight and put a lot of things into perspective. He wants to make music that moves the crowd and leaves the interpretation of his music to his listeners. He is constantly working on multi-genre mastery and live shows to improve himself as a musician. GRY has been featured in WeRaveyou, Mixmag Asia, EDM.COM, and

Besides his musical abilities, Ali Grey is one of the most honest people you’ll meet in the music industry. He has a unique way of doing things that is easy and fun. He has a passion for creating timeless music and wants to leave a legacy behind him. GRY is already working on the follow-up project to his debut track and promises his fans that this is only the beginning.

GRY advises artists to stay focused and be persistent all the time. According to him, these are the traits that are essential for continued growth in the music industry.

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