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Published on April 30th, 2021 | by Marilyn Reles

Genre-blurring rap/production duo SAFETY CLUB have developed their own “secret sauce,” bringing a new flavor to the realm of hip-hop that listener’s can’t forget. The self described “down to earth guys” strive to “approach everything with a sense of humor,” and it really is their modus operandi. This carefree attitude is the foundation of their debut single “JUICE”, an ode to “feeling yourself,” set to be released alongside an accompanying music video.

Over a pulsating trap beat, vocalist Ronnie Sinclair oozes charisma with a flow that’s as smooth as it is punchy. Producer Shan creates a perfect canvas, weaving unique textures and sounds to create a futuristic feel that’s layered with eclectic twists and turns.The duo affectionately describe the upbeat track, in SAFETY CLUB terms, as the the perfect soundtrack for driving a Toyota Prius at barely legal speeds to your divorce court hearing”. Casually eschewing the “glass half empty” approach to life, Ronnie spits “why you talkin’ all down to me?” before seamlessly flowing into a verse touting his stance against all things pretentious. “Rap image really got no appeal to me, I just want a new crib with the potpourri”.

Loosely inspired by the opening scene of Guy Ritchie’s cult classic film Snatch, the video, directed by Shan, doubles down on SAFETY CLUB’s penchant for “taking the piss” (Australian slang for taking nothing too seriously). In a convenience store setting, we find Ronnie busting dance moves that can only be described as both absurd and mesmerizing. 

SAFETY CLUB shares that the video was “shot in approximately one hour and fifteen minutes after a series of catastrophic gear failures, finishing with a minute to spare, no time for playback and no confirmation that they actually got the shots until the next day. Once again, the classic SAFETY CLUB adage has been confirmed: perfect everything in life by practicing in your kitchen for three days in a row and nothing can stop you”.

As irreverent as their outward persona may be, SAFETY CLUB’s approach to music is anything but. Based in Brisbane, Australia, the duo has a unique perspective when it comes to making music. Whilst much of their inspiration comes from the cities that made hip-hop what it is, SAFETY CLUB adds their own distinctive feel by incorporating unexpected influences and genres. Those influences run the gamut from the detailed production of the Chicago hip-hop scene, to the funk-laced R&B of The Internet and Kaytranada. 

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