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Anush Movsesian is a Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner that specializes in Aesthetic Medicine and provides injectables, skin rejuvenating treatments as well as skincare consultations. Anush has a passion for beauty and helping others build their confidence through injectables, skin rejuvenating treatments, and skincare consultations. She started as a beauty blogger for a decade prior to starting nursing school. “It was almost a natural transition into the field of aesthetic nursing. I began working for a plastic surgeon immediately after my nursing degree and I fell in love with the field of making people feel better about themselves.” 

While performing various treatments for her clients she does have a favorite, micro-needling. “This treatment also helps minimize acne scarring, improve tone and texture and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.”  The most popular procedure she does is lip injections Anush is passionate and loves the work she does. She goes on to say, “The most rewarding aspect of my work is putting a smile on my patient’s face. It feels really good to know that I played a small part in making someone feel good about themselves.” Aside from aesthetic medicine, she also discusses skincare and current beauty trends. “During the pandemic a lot of us stayed home, looking at ourselves, examining our skin. Since then, skincare and skin rejuvenating treatments have been trending.”  

Anush has become an influential name in the cosmetic procedures industry, working with many VIP and celebrity clients. Her goal as an injector is to always deliver natural results to simply enhance her patient’s inherent beauty and promote healthy glowing skin. “As a provider, I am always aiming for a more natural appearance when it comes to my patients.” By using subtle facial sculpting and creating individualized skincare treatment plans she strives to build self-confidence in men and women of all ages. Combining the science of medicine and the art of aesthetics, Anush wants to help her patients recognize the first signs of aging and help slow it down or reverse it.

New Year’s resolutions can be filled with unrealistic fads, but upgrading your skincare routine is an easy and very effective way to change your life. “Now is the time to take self-care more seriously. There are so many treatments available and so much information out there about skincare, wellness, and body care.” Anush’s three go-to products are Alto from Skinbetter which is Vitamin C, Dermal Repair by Sentee which is beneficial for hydration, and Elta MD UV clear SPF. SPF is crucial to a skincare regime. 

Social media plays a huge part in everyday life and Anush acknowledges that. “Social media can often play a negative role as much as it can play a positive role in this field. Unfortunately, photoshop is extremely common in before and after photos, which gives our patients a false perception of what injectables are capable of doing.”

Anush is an expert on a number of topics ranging from how to make sure your cosmetic procedures are safe, why 2021 is the perfect time to rethink your approach to skin and cosmetic treatments, the most popular skin tips that will surely take 2021 by storm, how she has built her practice as a minority and female entrepreneur in skincare, and so much more.

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