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Resaan Makai was brought to music by curiosity. Most artists always find out that they can perform and that becomes their driving force. For Resaan, it was different, “A while back me and my friends decided to jump into this rap game for fun and after a while, I realized this is the form of expression I love. I love everything about the game truly but a lot of this was by chance and this is a game I understand very well so I’m here to stay.” He said.

Since then, Resaan has remained steadfast. He has always had hopes for a better tomorrow. His fanbase has continued to grow despite the pandemic hiccups. This has motivated him to create better and take his music to the next level. 

Resaan Makai is now focusing on singles. He aims to increase his fanbase before he drops an EP or an album. However, he attests that most of his fans are asking him for an album but he aims to reach a certain ultimatum before going that way. He, therefore, has several singles and features coming up. 

Sometimes everyone needs some motivation. So that he can continue doing whatever he’s doing zealously. For Resaan, his motivation came in a different way, “My supporters are very interesting. I remember one time a little girl actually was crying the first time I met her and her parents I think she had seen my Instagram or something. She had been a fan ever since big shoutout to her it was a different feeling and I could tell she really has high hopes for me and I honestly felt famous. It was great to see the love for her and everyone who supports me.”

Resaan Makai loves creating a difference in the community by giving back the most he can. He always loves mentoring anyone he meets whether he knows him or not. He is just that kind of guy who volunteers to help everyone.

In conclusion, Resaan said that he aims to stary an organization that will help minorities to succeed in their careers. “I believe in dreams and I believe in passion and nothing these days puts more of a smile on my face than seeing someone accomplish what they worked so hard to get so my organization will help those that have a hard time or just weren’t born or ended up in the wrong situation and help them to the right situation.”

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