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Walking in a fashion show surrounded by photographers is a dream of many young people. Modeling is a profession in its own right that requires time and active participation. Being a model, represents the chance for young people to climb the steps that lead to stardom. Indeed, modeling remains a way of making oneself known – thanks to the influence of the media and social networks. Models are endowed with a dream body and excellent physical ability to do their jobs well. The beauty they display attracts a lot of brands.

Consequently, offers and contracts follow one after the other. Many people consider models to be divine. People do not see supermodels as their fellow human beings but rather as superior beings with many advantages. To some, these models seem almost unreal. Becoming a model requires good physical condition and some self-control. Beauty and a dream body are also essential. Becoming a model takes a lot of effort because you will always have to keep a slim figure. A model is a person that a brand or a company chooses to represent to have an impact on the public.

Agnieszka Aldona Artych was born on January 11, 1988 in Siedlce, Poland. She is popularly known as Agnes Artych. She seems to be the very image of femininity and glamour. Her childhood and her education did not predestine her for the modeling world. Indeed, the family was not interested in the superficial spirit of fashion, femininity, modeling, and consequently stardom. Her mother is a retired teacher and principal at a school in Siedlce. She is the third one of four professionally groomed sisters. The eldest being a professional Chemist, the second one is a Math teacher, and the youngest one is a med student. Her family highly prioritizes seeking formal education. Even though she was more interested in dance and working on a stage, her mother never permitted her to drop the degree and go for stardom. To be able to achieve her dreams, she simultaneously went to two universities for different degrees. After graduating, she joined a dance school where she worked as a dance teacher. Artych went to Stella Adler School of Acting in New York and has done many short films, movies, and TV Shows.

Agnes graduated from Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce with a bachelor of arts in German Language and Literature. She pursued her dream of dancing after graduation and enrolled in dance classes at Kielce University of Arts and Science, followed by a postgraduate degree in Culture and Media Studies from the Gdansk Atheneum. She shared her educational journey with Bill Goodson, Ira Nadia Kodiche, Thierry Verger, Alain Bernard, Zofia Rudnicka, and many others. Agnes pursued as a full-time dancer in the Kielecki Teatr Tańca and Baltic Dance Theater. Her thesis was based on Tanzeather Pina Bausch. She resides in New York and works as a glamourous model and actress.

Artych has a talented soul accompanied by hard work and persistence, helping her fetch a grant from Gdanski Festiwal Tanca in 2010 and Bartosz Kondracki. It helped her produce a theatre performance Ad Infinitum successfully. She got to learn a lot under the guidance and training of Elżbieta and Grzegorz Pańtak, as well as Isadora Weiss. It was around the same time when she started her modeling career formally. She appeared in a famous Polish reality show Super Models, and qualified till the finals. She has covered various modeling projects. Agnes is privileged to work for renowned brands, including Vogue Italia, Vogue Japan, and L’Officiel Schweiz. She has been a face for many dance festivals and workshops in Poland. She became the face of Polish Fashion Week in 2013. She has also won a Bell Cosmetic Beauty competition.

Agnes is represented by State Management New York, previously known as MSA Models. Many renowned magazines have covered her, including Dark Beauty Magazine, Garage Magazine, Nylon Magazine, Lucy’s Magazine, Archive Magazine, Washington Life Magazine, a few to name. She did numerous commercials like Conair, KFC, and Crown Royal. Her beauty and style have turned her into the face of many brands. Her acting and modeling career got a boost after performing incredibly well at Kielce Dance Theater and Baltic Dance Theater. Following her modeling and acting path, Artych always looks for a way to work in the art world. She has co-produced many shoots with Marc Erwin Babej, a German-American photographer, including Yesterday-Tomorrow, Mischlinge, Unser Afrika. Works of Babej are displayed in numerous museums all around the world. 

Contrary to popular belief, the life of a model is not easy. Most of the top models travel across the world. With a few hours of sleep and facing terrible jet lags, it gets tough for them to appear all stunning and stylish. To be a star model, one must display great physical resistance because working conditions are not always obvious. Patience is also an essential quality to practice in this profession.  Agnes has put it all to show that overcoming the shortcomings and neglecting the fear of failure can introduce one to new levels of success.



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