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Many people are enjoying the luxuries of life, thanks to technology, but there will always be people suffering and failing to make it past the day. The increasing pollution, the outbreak of COVID-19, skyrocketing crime rates, and the people’s careless behaviors make the world suffer. From thousands of people dying every day to the rapidly deteriorating environment, the world is now crying for help. Heart-wrenching and terrifying news circulates across the globe. While in one part of the world, people are being stripped of their fundamental rights, the other parts aggressively attack the environment. The world needs to be saved. The world needs a real life “Captain Planet.” There are some organizations and individuals that are preparing to answer the world’s cry for help. While some are addressing the environmental aspects, others are fighting for the rights of the sufferers. There is one man who has immersed himself deeply into countering both these factors simultaneously. Dan Williams, born and raised on the drug ridden crime driven ghetto streets of Cleveland Ohio, is a humanitarian who is equipping himself to address the issues in the world. His efforts are not just confined to social issues but also extend towards environmental problems. Dan Williams is a renaissance man, gentleman, and genius playboy savant.


Dan, a venture capitalist, founded Solomon Abraham and Associates Global Executive Search Firm, a search and staffing agency in 2019. The corporation is centrally located in Cleveland, Dan’s hometown. He serves as the CEO and Chairman of the headhunting firm. Through this company, he strives to help the world turn into a place where every individual can prosper and build their dream life. Dan’s life was difficult, and he realizes there are millions of other people struggling to survive. His agency not only helps address the recruitment needs of companies but also helps reduce unemployment in his hometown. 

The efforts of this hero humanitarian do not stop here. He co-founded Superxor Quxlity Records with J.R Crisp. As an executive and recording artist of the label, he launched a song that addresses ‘hate crimes against Asians.’ His track ‘Tokyo Drifting’ has powerful lyrics through which he pays homage to the Asian car manufacturer, Toyota. He is using that to prevent the spreading of hatred against Asians. Dan wishes to shed light on the increasing Asian hate crimes across the country. Innocent Asians are being murdered in different parts of the country just because of their origin. As depressing as it is, not much attention is being directed to this matter. 

Tokyo Drifting, the video created by Dan himself using the iMovie app on his iPhone 12, and released only onto his Instagram account ‘realdanwilliams’ is a song that highlights the contributions of Asians in the world of Automotive. Even though it is just a single aspect, it is still a unique way to convince people that every individual, irrespective of their origin, is contributing to the new world order. The track features Mossy Cartel, who Dan grew up within Ohio’s 10th ward district. Both these music artists have collaborated for the sake of world peace. 

Dan has been partly successful in bringing the world’s attention to rising hate crimes against Asians. The song, produced by DJ 6 Rings, was released on March 20, 2021 on Dan’s official Instagram account. Since then, it has garnered thousands of views on Instagram, and is also in radio rotation MONDAY 2-3p CT on www.hitz1073.com TUESDAY 6-7p ET on www.ohiofleetradio.com TUESDAY 9-10p ET on www.dajamzradio.com WEDNESDAY 9-10p ET on www.216thebeatradio.com WEDNESDAY 10-11p ET on www.wnrv1081.com THURSDAY 5-6p CT on Live 504 Radio on www.live504radio.com FRIDAY 9-10p CT on @iHeartRadio @LegionOfTunes use this link https://www.iheart.com/…/966-legion-of-tunes-rad…/ SATURDAY 1-2p ET on www.WRDRradio.com SATURDAY 6-7p ET on 95.9 FM www.wovu.org  or (WOVU App) SUNDAY 3-4p CT on www.midwestfleetradio.com . 


Also known as “Dan The Man,” Dan is an American Hero who is approaching the worlds plethora of problems with a unique attitude. He calls himself and his personality “Selfishly Selfish.” Coming out of the trauma of a difficult childhood is not easy. Many adults are haunted by their childhood memories all their lives. Instead of giving in to his fears, Dan fought his conscience to become a superhuman nuclear version of himself. Losing a 17-year-old sister, who was murdered, to not being able to be with his father, who became a lost cause after the loss of his only daughter, it was evident that Dan would fall prey to the toxicity of the society commonly known by its inhabitants as “the mistake on the lake.” 

Dan was born when his mother was only 17 years old. He was raised alongside his mother by his grandparents. He went to church and went to a catholic school. His academic performance was beyond exceptional. His I-Q is just below genius level, Dan was a top performer in every subject. As vibrant as he was, life was not easy for him. The young boy often found himself on the wrong side of the law. Alcoholism and drug addiction got the better of him. Despite being yelled at by his mother for his attitude towards life, Dan could not understand then how superior his talents were and would grow to become. 

Even though Dan was excellent in his studies, his non-serious behavior led him to expulsion from The Prestigious Fisk University also known as the “Black Harvard.” Fisk University is a Historically Black College and University located in Nashville, Tennessee and the Multi-Grammy winning Fisk Jubilee Singers.

Having an IQ of 120 is not a small deal, especially for a person originating from such an unstable background. It was when he found himself in the same prison as his father that made him realize what a mess his life was turning into and how he was not doing anything to save himself. When in 2017, he was arrested for domestic violence, he met his father in the cell block. It was the moment he realized that his life was precious, and he would not become ‘just another lost cause.’ Since then, Dan gave his all into turning his life around. Not only did he work hard to build a successful life, but he made sure that he made the world into a better place—a place where every individual gets a chance to turn their lives around. 

A safe place where everyone can be immunized from societies plagues. Taking control of his life, Dan laid the foundations of Solomon Abraham and Associates Global Executive Search Firm as a cornerstone for the future of our solar system. It is a boutique talent search and staffing agency through which Dan hopes to improve his life and make things easy for companies struggling to find suitable ‘Rockstar’ candidates. It is one of his many efforts to make this world a better place.

The fact that the first thing on his company’s website is a one-liner “Us? Together, There Is NO Competition.” He believes that joint efforts can help answer the world’s bloody cry for help. He is an advocate of world peace, and he has taken a different approach to achieve that. Apart from his staffing agency and recently released track, Tokyo Drifting, Dan also sits as the United Hemp Biofuel Association Member Officer. It is an organization working to build a thriving and profitable hemp biofuel association in the country. He has recently partnered with Solnova, a solar energy company. Through his collaboration with Mr. Edward Washington 3rd, he is encouraging people to install solar panels on their properties.

Dan Williams, an admirer of Bill Gates’s philanthropic efforts, wants to contribute to the world’s peace and address social and environmental issues. The difficult childhood and strayed youth taught Dan great life lessons. On one hand, where he, as a venture capitalist, is diversifying his portfolio and establishing multiple income streams, he is serving as a hero who cares about the world. Dan’s personality is the perfect example of ‘being selfishly selfish.’

The world that believes that a person on his way to political power can only focus only on his work has been proved wrong, thanks to the determined Dan Williams and his gorgeous smile.

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