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John Jay is the founder of ‘independent hits’, a music label that mostly features young aspiring artists hungry to prove to the world what they have. In one year, Jay had released an album and nine banging hit singles. The responses to his soundtracks are overwhelming and massive. His fans love him, and the artists he has signed to his record label are grateful for the rarest of opportunities.

Jay confesses that people saw him as an alien when he first entered the music industry. No one was interested in his tracks, but he never gave up on his dream. Life came at him hard, but he gradually made everything work. He tries as much as possible to motivate artists that go through what he went through during his music career.

Despite the successful path, he refuses to forget where he came from, especially when joining the industry. John Jay had high hopes and expectations when he took up music, and he never saw the challenges coming. He expected struggles, but not the kind he experienced. His passion and love for music and creativity did not prove enough to get him through to a record label. He had to settle for his own.

The Genesis Of A Young Pioneer

John Jay was born in New York on February 24, 1987, and his real name is Jonathan Jakubow. A great fan of classical music, John found a piece listening to classical music. Supported by his friends and family, his love for music bloomed and grew. At age 9, John was already playing the piano and producing classical music. His achievements in music led him to believe in his dream of one day being a successful musician.

The Unknown Music Industry

After finishing his college education at Miami Dade College, John decided to establish his career in music. His supportive family backed him in his quest for musical glory. He set out to build his name in the industry, excited and confident he knew nothing would stop him. Unaware of the world’s cruelty, it dawned on him that it required more than passion and skills to make it to the outside world. The reality of the music industry shocked John. Despite his talent, he was having a hard time establishing himself in the music industry. The market was too saturated with musicians willing to do anything to twist their fate and succeed.

Making a Difference

Big record labels in Miami and all across America only chose the best of the best, and sometimes picked artists were just more connected to the record labels than the talented. This imbalance led to limited opportunities for artists, and John noted this in the music industry.

This was one of the main influences that drove him into establishing a record label. The record label, through its founder, targeted the underrated young artist. He decided to find an audience for these artists and provide them with facilities to grow themselves. Independent Hits’ gave him a chance to meet and inspire young talented artists.

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